Jul 24, 2012

Back from Milford

"March Light" - 18 x 24" - oil

Last week I was in Milford, PA attending the Peter Fiore workshop "Beyond the Photograph."  I can't express just how much Peter has helped with my work and attitude towards painting.  It was a fantastic experience and I'm a better artist for it.  In addition to having Peter around for the week we also had his delightful wife Barbara and his talented son Paul Fiore to keep us company.  The painting above titled "March Light" was just one of three paintings that I worked on during the week.  Below you'll see an image of the River Rock Inn, where I stayed for the week, and some of the studies that I worked on prior to the final painting.  

March Light studies

"The River Rock Inn" in Milford, PA (great folks and delicious meals!)

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