Aug 15, 2011

My Brain Runneth Over

"Golden Grace" (study) -  6" x 9" - oil

So after a long hiatus from the United States, family and blogging,  I'm back from my honeymoon/ painting extravaganza in Ireland.  If not for our dog and a few obligations, I'm not quite sure if we would have returned at all... but here we are.  I'll be posting the pieces that developed from the trip shortly.

I was only home for a week before I had to leave to attend the week long Peter Fiore workshop in Millford, PA.  I had somewhat of a clue as to what we'd be working on but I didn't think that I'd get this level of information as well as hospitality from both Barbara and Peter Fiore.  I had been following his work since I cut out a page from a 2006 issue of The Artist's Magazine that featured one of his paintings and after meeting him he immediately met and exceeded my expectations.  You can clearly see that, based on his work,  he is a very well  accomplished artist but I had no idea that he was such an incredible teacher.  I've come away from the workshop with friends, stories and  the necessary tools to take my work to the next level.

Thank you to Fran & Amy Brozena for giving me a place to stay for the week.

Color Mixing Demo

Watching in awe.

Peter was kind enough to welcome us into his studio.

The class hard at work

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Anonymous said...

lets hope you did learn something.
ba dum ching......

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