Jul 19, 2011

On the Green

Paint studies of scenes in Ireland

While I haven’t posted anything in a little while I can assure you all that I have not fallen off the face of the earth.  If anything it’s quite the opposite.  I’m currently enjoying the beautiful scenery and hospitality of Ireland. 

Based on the photos above you can see that I’ve been doing a little work.  I had planned on doing more painting but between all of the sites and traveling I’ve only been able to paint one a day.  I’d like to use some of these studies in one of my upcoming shows but that’s still up in the air.

Must have traveling paint supplies

Whenever I’m not attending an art fair, painting or kissing the Blarney Stone, I’ve made it a point to at least do some sketching.  The sketchbook in the photo is one that I bought at the Metropolitan Museum of Art way back in 2004. No, it doesn’t have magical powers or anything but it was from one of my first trips to New York and holds a bit of sentiment.  I didn’t want to draw just anything in this book but something that would be more dear and memorable to me.  


danny robbins said...

Cool stuff Steven. Why are you in Ireland right now and how did you manage to transport paint thinner and paint over there? Looks like a fun trip.

Steven S. Walker said...

Thanks Danny! I'm on a working honeymoon! As for the paint thinner, I had to buy that when I got here. Between the pains of TSA and DHL I decided to buy my paints from an Irish art store and have it shipped to my cottage. It ended up being a lot cheaper and less stressful. Cheers from Ireland!

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