Jun 16, 2011

Capital Idea

"Statehouse 150" - 8 x 10" - oil

This past Friday I was at the Ohio Statehouse with the Central Ohio Plein Air group.  The Statehouse invited us out to paint in celebration of their 150th anniversary.  It was both an honor and a challenge.  For the first hour or so of the paint out it rained cats and dogs and even included a little lightning.  Nonetheless, I was out there trying to make lemonade out of a brutal day.  I was soaked, my palette was soaked and even my attitude was a little soggy.  Fortunately the sun broke through and gave me the opportunity to work on the painting above.  This piece will be hanging up in the statehouse for the month of July.

"Park of Roses" - 8 x 10" - oil

In my second outing of the weekend with the Central Ohio Plein Air group we were at the Park of Roses.  With a grant from the park, we turned the day into a mini competition among those that were painting that day.  I was informed yesterday that this particular piece won third place.  


Lina-Paola said...

This looks really good Steven. It has a Monet kind of feel to it, which is why I really like these paintings. Keep up the good work!

Mars Mell-o said...

it's beautiful!!

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