Apr 18, 2011

Belize it! (part 3)

"Cora & Speth in Action" - sketch

Now that I've been back home for a few days I thought that I should post the last installment of "Belize it."  Below you'll find a group photo of the entire 459th AMDS including my wingman Chris Hopkins (far left) and myself (far right).  If you're wondering why I look so dazed... well frankly I was exhausted and had already started thinking about a couple of projects that I needed to work on before I got home.  

The sketch above was one of the few compositions that I was able to put together during my time in Belize.  Most of my drawings were just thumbnails to help me figure out what photos I would need.  This sketch includes Major Mario Cora and Capt. Sarah Speth during health inspection of the hotel's kitchen to ensure that everything is up to code and that we don't get sick.  Later on in the year I'll post some of the progress that I've made on this and a few other compositions.  

The 459th AMDS

Exiting Belize via a C17


Anonymous said...

Great quick sketch. By the way, I'm a beginner artist, what is a thumbnail sketch?

Glad that all are safely home.

Steven S. Walker said...

Thank you NoviceArtist. In terms of painting and drawing, a thumbnail sketch is a small drawing/doodle to explore ideas quickly. They usually don't include a great deal of detail but are used to determine composition and design. Here's a link to a previous post where I show a few of my thumbnails.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much. I am going to try and adapt that approach as much as I can. I love the quote, "if you plan it the art will come". Wise words. Again thanks.

Steven S. Walker said...

You're very welcome!

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