Apr 5, 2011

Belize it! (part 2)

"Homeward Bound" - 8 x 10" - oil

I didn't think that it would be fair to post this blog without a piece of artwork so I'm including yet another painting that will be included in the Art at the Mill show in Millwood, VA from April 23rd to May 8th.

Now let me share some of the photos from my current adventure with the U.S. Air Force Art Program in Belize.  We're at the final stretch for this trip with thousands who have benefitted thus far.  It's interesting during the day when talking to the medical personnel in the unit in between patients, many of them either tell me how much they appreciate what I'm doing or that they wish that they had some sort of artistic talent.  While I enjoy my life as an artist and I try to do a good turn daily, it's nothing compared to the many lives that they are changing in just this short time.  

I'll have some sketches to show later on but for now enjoy the photos below.

Unpacking the truck in preparation for a long day of hard work (our leader Col. Williams is in the black)

We spent Sunday monkeying around with the good people of the 459th AMDS at the Mayan ruins of Lamanai, Belize on our one day off.

Yup, I climbed that temple (108 ft)


NoviceArtist said...

Homeward bound is excellent. Can't wait for the sketches you did with the military project.

Jane Hunt said...

What an incredible program to be a part of - thank-you for that, and for sharing it here!!

Beautiful painting too, of course :)

Steven S. Walker said...

Thank you NoviceArtist and Jane! It's a real honor to be a part of the Air Force Art Program. I just posted one of the first sketches in the latest post. Enjoy and Thank you!

Steven S. Walker said...
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