Mar 29, 2011

Belize it!

"Green Pastures Gang" 24" x 30" - oil

The painting above is one of six paintings that will be making its way to the Art at the Mill event in Millwood, VA.  Although the show doesn't start for a few weeks (April 23rd), I thought I should get these pieces in the mail before I go on my next big "field trip" with the United States Air Force Art Program.  

Have you started scratching your head yet and asking yourself "gee, where is Steven off to this time?"  Well folks this time I'm in sunny, sunny Belize documenting the humanitarian mission of the USAF.  I'll be here for about two weeks with a team of medical personnel that will be going from town to town to cater to many of the medical needs of the Belizean citizens.   

Although it is beautiful here this trip is not all about fun and games. Believe it or not Belize is actually a third world country.  It really shows once you drive inland and away from the tourist sites.  Despite their situation the people of Belize seem to have a remarkably positive outlook on life.  This is the kind of mission that can really make you thankful for what you have.


GumboBen said...

Well, I glad that you got a nice trip. No John Witt? Two weeks should get you some scrap and some new material. ( Just in case, you are tired of that "Midwest Thing" )

I wish Greg Thompson would tell me when he is sending one of the SILA members off tripping. It would be nice to know!

Anyway, love what'cha doing and excited for you and the galleries that are repping you!

traceyclarke said...

Craig and I went on a mission trip to Belize back in 2000. The generous and grateful attitude of the people despite their circumstances changed my life. Look forward to seeing what comes out of your trip.

Steven S. Walker said...

Thanks Ben and sorry about the communication problem. There's nothing about John Witt that I miss. Belize is good and I should have a lot to paint when i get home.

Tracey, I'm sure you know this but the folks in the states could take some serious lessons on enjoying life even when you don't have much. I'll keep you posted.

DJ said...

Love the mood & light of your work. Well done...

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