Jan 24, 2010

You're the Only Ten I See.

"Winter Drive" - 11 x 14" - oil

Available at The Arts Company

The painting above is just one of 33 paintings that will be in my show titled Nashville Town and Country at The Arts Company in Nashville, TN. In similar fashion to most of my paintings, this piece stems from a roadtrip during the holidays. I don't often paint winter scenes but this one struck me as appealing and may lead to a few more. The opening is Saturday, February 6th from 6-9pm so if you know of anyone in the Nashville area tell them to stop on by.

On another note, I'd like to reach out to those of you who are following this blog. I usually talk about what's going on as far as my life as an artist, but I'm sure that I haven't covered everything. So this is your chance. If there's any issue that I have not addressed as a working artist that you would like to know about or have me write about, just send an email to with the subject BLOG THOUGHTS.


Shirley Peters said...

Beautiful blue snow. I like the composition... very graphic.

Gary Keimig said...

this is a nice painting. Really like all your January posts especially Nashville. You nailed that one.

Steven S. Walker said...

Thanks Shirley and Gary! January has been a good painting month for me.

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