Jan 31, 2010

Can't Win It if I'm Not in It

"Country Living" - 8" x 10" - oil

So now that most of the pieces for my upcoming Nashville show are done, I can get back to entering competitions. I've really slacked on that aspect of my career during the past few months because of several professional obligations. A good friend/rival reminded me a couple of weeks ago about the Richeson 75 competition. I've had success in the past with this competition and thought I'd try my hand at their small works competition. This is one of the pieces that I entered into the competition. It was a bit of a scramble to get the entries completed for the deadline but I made it right on time. On to the next competition.


Sheila said...

Amazing! No wonder you've been successful in the past with your entries. Gorgeous. Did you paint that telephone wire with a single strand of hair?

Steven S. Walker said...

Hi there Sheila! The telephone wire was a product of both palette knife a brush and a cup of luck.

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