Jan 13, 2010

COVERing Otterbein

So late last year I was teaching an illustration class at Otterbein College. When I was an undergraduate student I was completely unprepared to work with real clients as opposed to classroom assignments. With that in mind I thought that it would be good for this class to work with a couple of real clients. Westerville Magazine was gracious enough to publish all of the works that the students completed specifically for the publication. Although all of the students did a great job, only one could be chosen for the cover. That honor went to Joe Maleski. I hope that this experience was encouraging for all of them.

Like I said, this class had a few real clients. This cover for the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) was illustrated by Alice Smith. This particular project acted more like a competition amongst the class because the AASCU could not include all of the illustrations. There were many great ideas and concepts but in the end "there can be only one."

Congratulations to the entire class for not only producing great work but surviving my class.


Sheila said...

Every student should have an outstanding instructor like you Steven. What a way to really inspire, motivate and reward your students.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Yep, Sheila said it all. What great practical experience of art in the "real world."

Cathyann said...

Steven,You are an inspiring teacher and painter! Way to go ...wish I had that in school...That bit of reality check will go a long way for them. Good for you!

Steven S. Walker said...

Thanks guys! I try to give them more opportunities than I had and hope that it helps them in the future.
Oh and thank you Cathyann for going to the show at Glave Kocen.

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