Mar 3, 2009

Not to Mention

"Shine On" - 5" x 7" - oil


This painting stems from one of my many drives to DC. During each trip I would pass by one of the few views of farmland on that strip of 95 that wasn't blocked off by towering trees. The land itself is nothing spectacular but during my last trip the sky was just awesome.

Aside from working on a new batch of studies, I received a call last week from the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles. The call was to inform me that I got an honorable mention for my illustration titled "The Strong." Did I deserve it...who knows. Am I honored...of course that's why they call it an honorable mention.

"If third place were first I'd only be runner up."


Tracey Clarke said...

Congratulations, you absolutely deserve it, man.

Love this painting. Lots of know how I like drama...not in my life, just in paintings.

r garriott said...

Next year they'll come their senses and you'll win the Grand Prize you deserve!

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