Mar 6, 2009

A Part & Full Time Job

"The James #2" - 5" x 7" - oil


Here's my second crack at painting the James River. This view of the James is from Oregon Hill in Richmond, VA. I'd like to work on a few more of these "river paintings" if time permits. These days my worst enemy is time. If I could I would stay up for days at a time painting until I eventually pass out while reaching for one more cup of coffee. Ideally this sounds great but it would put all of my other obligations at risk. As if I don't have enough to do, I'd like to make time to obtain representation at a few new galleries...sooner than later. We'll see what develops...back to you Bob.

"Don't serve time, make time serve you" - William Sutton

1 comment:

Cathyann said...

Good work , Steven
and I like the sushi, too.
I love painting the James.
too bad you are not here to go with me en plein air.
I like the vertical composition.

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