Feb 24, 2009

SK by Steven Klein

"The James" - 30" x 40" - oil

It took me a few days but I finally finished the larger version of the James River painting. I'm actually pretty pleased with it because it's very close to the study that I posted last week. As soon as I varnish it, it'll be on it's way to the Glave Kocen Gallery.

It's unfortunate, but I don't hear much news about my family unless there's a death but I recently got word that my cousin Lyndsey recently got an exclusive deal with Calvin Klein. That's right Calvin Klein! This makes her the first model of color to receive an exclusive deal with them. If her plan was to upstage her older and slightly less attractive cousin then... mission accomplished.


Jesse Smith said...

Wow Steven!! This piece is awesome!! Well done homie!!

Amy Guidry said...

Hi Steven- Great painting. And I love your pet portrait!

And as a sucker for fashion I have to say congrats to your cousin. Apparently success runs in the family.

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