Jan 6, 2009

Getting back on the Hog

"Little House" - 6" x 6" - oil


After a short break from teaching, I'm back at it. Today was my first day back in the classroom since last year. It's not like riding a bike, it's more like building a Harley Davidson from scratch and then showing someone else how to ride it.

I don't know how much my teaching schedule will change my painting routine but I can hope that it'll make me a little more disciplined with my time. Well, we can hope. In the meantime I'm working on some pieces in preparation for a show that's coming up in the later part of this year. Hopefully a larger version of this painting, which came from a drive through Aldie, VA, will be a part of the show.
Happy Birthday Victor!


Douglas Hoover said...

Hey Steven, love your composition on "Little House" and "Along the Ridge". These remind me of places where I grew up. Also, I just read your Art Calendar Member of the Month interview. Congrats! I think you'll have enough to keep you busy. ~D.

Steven S. Walker said...

Thanks Douglas, I appreciate the kudos. I didn't think it would come so soon but I'm already having a very busy year.

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