Apr 3, 2008

Walking into a Crowded Closet

As in previous blog entries, I've mentioned that I'm undecided as far as my direction as an artist. On one hand there's the adventurous life of an illustrator while in the other hand there's the "rock n roll" life of the landscape painter. There's always been the option of working both sides.

Nothing has quite stirred me, as far as a style is concerned, to give me any direction. I can't go through the torture of having separate styles for both illustration and fine art. Ideally I'd create illustrations in the same manner that I paint landscapes. I'm still searching for my market and my place in this crazy art world. I could sure use some help right about now. Keep your fingers crossed.

In the meantime, I've submitted this piece for the local Richmond Illustrators Members Show. It's an older piece but I still like it.

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