Mar 31, 2008

Hybrid Inspiration


Miami Everglades - 5" x 7" - oil

This past weekend I went to New Jersey to visit the Leonard's. David (illustrator) and Anna (graphic designer) are an awesome couple and run the extremely successful Hybrid Studios design firm. Although they are lovely folks, I didn't go to New Jersey to enjoy their company (HA!) but to see their twins (adorable) and to clear my head.

For the past couple of weeks my head has been in a twister. I've felt like I have lost my direction as an illustrator. The passion that I have for painting landscapes has yet to translate to illustration. I've come to terms that I can't force illustration on myself but to paint what comes naturally. If it happens then it happens. It's good to talk shop with David and Anna. They always give me something to think about.

Last night once I got home I decided to paint a few new works. This painting is from my air boat ride while in Miami. If any one's interested it's posted on
EBay. Enjoy.

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