Apr 6, 2008

The Drop Off

Road Trip! The "little lady" and I made our way to Clarke County, Virginia to drop off our paintings for Art at the Mill. It was a beautiful drive filled with hundreds of landscape views. Between the two of us we accounted for over 200 photos.

After dropping our work off we took a look around at the pieces that were already hanging. There was really good work and then there was some o.k. stuff too. I saw the names of a few artists that I graduated with that were participating. It's a win win for everyone.

For the past couple of days my much better half has been planning a Clue party for her and her sister's birthday. They're really working hard on this party and it looks to be top notch. I've decided to create little paintings of each character for the event. It may help me decide on what direction I'm going to go in concerning illustration. Initially it was just an idea that I had in order to contribute something to the party as well as have some fun.

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