Apr 18, 2008

Getting a Clue!

Although these cards weren't produced for the actual game, working on these clue cards turned out to be a lot of fun. The "little lady" was my creative director and although she can be a tough art director at times she often reminded me to relax. Amazingly enough for the first time in a long time I was able to just relax and paint. Working on this set of paintings really helped me realize how I need to approach future illustrations.

For starters I realized that I had been approaching illustration projects as if they were first dates. I had become so worried about making a good impression that I forgot to have a good time and to just be myself. Although I'd like all of my clients to be happy with the end result, this kind of "must please" attitude has always backfired on me and made for a stressful process. I think that this was something that I really needed to help me get out of this illustration funk. Maybe...just maybe I've found my way where I can just be myself and have some fun with these projects.

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