Apr 16, 2008

Get Lost

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The somewhat rough landscape study above stems from a one of my many "get lost" road trips. This painting is from Hanover County, Virginia. Don't ask me what road or route because I don't have a clue. At the time I was semi lost but I knew that I was in Hanover. I always know that I'm in a good place when I don't see any traffic lights.

For me these trips are both necessary and delightful. These trips start off with just picking a direction to start my drive and from there it's any one's guess. My main goal is to obtain reference for future paintings and therefor I always have my camera nearby. I make it a point to take roads and streets that I would not ordinarily take during my normal driving routes around town. I've found some of the most beautiful landscapes lurking between houses and even near truck stops. Get lost!

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