Aug 3, 2012

Iowa, North Carolina & Japan

"March Light" - 18 x 24" - oil - accepted into the Worthington Sayama Art Exchange

What do Iowa, North Carolina and Japan have in common?  They will all have Steven Walker paintings on display.  Try to keep up because I'm having a hard time myself.  The painting above, "March Light" is on it's way to Sayama, Japan in an art exchange with the Worthington Area Art League and the McConnell Arts Center.  I better add this to my resume.

"On the Other Side" - 18 x 24" - oil

This painting titled "On the Other Side" along with five or six more have made their way to The Vision Gallery in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina.  A few weeks/posts ago my wife and I were on vacation and decided to venture out to some of the galleries.  Some how, some way, the owner took a shine to me and my work ...yadda, yadda, yadda I'm represented in North Carolina.

"Today's plein air paintings while at the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site.  

Fortunately I was able to find a few shaded areas to work from.  There will be a lot of work to come from my art residency in West Branch, Iowa.  That's all for now folks!


Cathyann said...

Way to go,Steven. What a treat to do a residency! Enjoy.

Matthew said...

Wow - lovely works!

"March Light" is particularly eye catching. It is *so difficult* to properly present the beauty of a backlit subject while looking straight into the sun. It's hard to paint, and photos rarely do the scene any justice. I love that scene - great job!

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