Jul 3, 2012

Power to the People!

"47 West" - 5 x 7" - oil

Well if you've seen the weather channel or live in MarylandOhio, Virginia, West Virginia Maryland or Washington D.C. then you are aware of the storm that has left many, including myself, without power.  So if you read my last post I was gearing up for the "Color the Hills" event in Worthington, OH this past Saturday as a way to promote my classes at the McConnell Arts Center.  Unfortunately because of the wide spread power outages on Friday the event had to be cancelled.

Worthington's loss could be your gain, as I will now start posting some of the small pieces, that I would've had on hand at the market, to eBay for auction.  Maybe this will interest the folks that enjoy my work but can't get to the shows due to proximity.  If you get the urge to place a bid for the painting above just click here.  

Power to the people!  No, seriously...turn our power back on!

1 comment:

Matthew said...

Lovely use of light, and I love the textures - they are thick enough I can feel the grass.

Yep, that derecho was a mess. I didn't realize how badly Maryland and Virginia had been hit until I woke up the next morning and heard that millions were without power! We're just not prepared for those types of storms here on the east coast.

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