Dec 10, 2009

Picture Page

"Between Homes-an exhibition of works by Steven S. Walker (2009)"
Click here to order your copy

So after the opening of the "Between Homes" show my beautiful fiance presented me with a book of all of the pieces that were in the show. It was a great present and it actually made me blush a little. Now the book is available to the public for purchase. Enjoy!


Kathleen Krucoff said...

Hi Steven!

Now that is totally awesome!!! What a sweet thing for your fiance to do and it's wonderful that it is available to the public too.

Steven S. Walker said...

Thank you Kathleen! She's always going above and beyond. Not sure if anyone would be interested in the book but I had to put it out there.

Douglas Hoover said...

I'm forwarding this to Santa right now!

Steven S. Walker said...

Douglas I just hope that you've been good this year...ha ha.

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