Dec 15, 2009

Calling all Angels...and Saints

"Covington" - 13" x 22" - oil

Part of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts exhibition "Under a Virginia Sky"

Last month during the opening of my "Between Homes" show, I met some of the faculty from St. Gertrude High School. Apparently they had the pieces that I created for the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts hanging up in their library. I assumed that those pieces were collecting dust in the basement of the museum. Anyway, they asked me to come speak to their students about myself and the work.

It was an easy decision to make the trip because honestly how often do people really want to hear what I have to say. A few of the classes had assignments based on my work which was just amazing. It was fascinating to read some of the insight on my work. Some of the essays were spot on with what I want people to take away from my work and that's always encouraging. Overall, the day was long but well worth the trip. I got to meet some of the most delightful young ladies as well as share my story. My only hope is that I made a difference... because isn't that what everyone wants?

Reminder: My book "Between Homes" is still available for purchase.

Click here to order your copy

"Between Homes-an exhibition of works by Steven S. Walker (2009)


Kathleen Krucoff said...

Wow, that is great Steven! Sounds like a wonderful experience too. How fun to read others impressions of your work. And it's great that your paintings are in the library at that school. Congrats.

Steven S. Walker said...

Thank you Kathleen! I'm not sure where the paintings are now but it was an honor.

Douglas Hoover said...

Hey Steven, what a great experience! To have the opportunity to speak to these young people, you can certainly make a difference in their lives!

Oh, I must have behaved fairly well this year, because there was a copy of "Between Homes" under the tree.

Awesome work, Steven! This one is going to live in my Studio.

All the best of everything to you.

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