Jul 1, 2009

Steven and the Traveling Studio

"Nature's Fall" - 5" x 7" - oil

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I was reading an issue of Art Calendar a few months ago that focused on artists getting freelance work as illustrators. Getting work can be difficult but how you handle the process is even more important. Unlike creating work for yourself, with illustration you're often working to cater someone else's schedule. This often requires long hours, a wonky schedule and patience. I rarely pursue illustration work these days because of my fine art focus but it's nice every now and then.

So a few weeks ago I put everything on hold for a freelance project that came my way. Although it forced me to put most of my work on hold it was totally worth it. My project began shortly after Memorial Day weekend. For the most part the project went smooth because I was fortunate enough to work with a friend (hooray Summer). There were several revisions in the sketch phase before I got the green light to work on the final painting. Everything was on schedule until the day before we had to get on the road. I had just finished the painting when I got the call that some major changes were needed. What can you do? No point in having a hissy fit.

The project needed to go to print soon and so I took the show on the road. I could have postponed the trip but I had several obligations that I had to honor in Richmond too. I decided to take my paints, brushes, my laptop and lastly my scanner to upload the image to my ftp site. After a few hours of painting in the hotel room, I was able to get it all done and sent to the client. It put a little hiccup in the trip but these are the things that you have to do sometimes.


Tracey Clarke said...

You lead a exciting life, Steven...glad it worked out!

Steven S. Walker said...

Thanks Tracey! I guess for an artist my life could be considered exciting.

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