Jun 27, 2009

Seeing is Believing

"On the Trail" - 6" x 6" - oil

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So let me clear up the bridezilla comment that I made in my last post. No, I did not get married...yet. It's about Bridezilla the television show and the start of a wonderful weekend in Richmond, Va. So here's the story.

It was slow day for viewing television until Evelyn and I found ourselves hooked on a Bridezilla marathon. I've never seen such a train wreck...but anyway. It was shortly after an episode where the bride and groom found themselves short a best man and a bridesmaid when I got the call. It was fellow artist Clinton Helms calling with an important question...would I be his best man? The timing of his call was ironic but I of course said yes.

Clinton and I have known each other for about twelve years now. We survived the grueling art program at VCU together and even roomed together throughout our masters program. There are several wild and crazy stories that I could tell but I'll keep it rated PG. During those graduate years at Marywood University he often assured me that he would NEVER get married again. Each time I politely nodded and said ok. So when he told me last year that he had met the one, I knew that if there was going to be a wedding I've got to be there...if for nothing but to see it with my own eyes.

(Fast forward) The wedding was just beautiful despite a thunderstorm the day before, a flying patio set and crazy guy named Tony. Together Clinton and Ella have formed C and E Arts Studios. The wedding was one of the many highlights on my weekend trip to Virginia.

Lesson: Never say never.


Kathleen Krucoff said...

How great Steven!

And yes, Bridezillas is definitely a train wreck. My husband and I wonder how anyone of these folks could ever find someone to marry them!!!!

The lesson is great. The painting is lovely. I'm off to look at your friend's website now.

Steven S. Walker said...

Thank you Kathleen! I wonder the same thing when watching the show but there's obviously someone for everyone.

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