Apr 7, 2009

Tag Along

"Tenn #2" - 6" x 6" - oil

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I've been tagged again! I don't remember tag being this much fun as a kid. Fellow artists Chris Beck and Kerri Settle both honored me with the Passion for Painting Award. No, I didn't campaign for this award. I really and truly just love to's a gift and a curse. Both Chris and Kerri are extremely talented artists and it's great to be in their company.

According to the rules of Tag, I'm suppose to name seven things that I love and seven artists that I admire and are deserving of the Passion for Painting Award. So here goes something...

Seven things I love...

  1. Evelyn
  2. Brodie
  3. A good nights sleep
  4. Ma & Pa Walker
  5. A finished painting
  6. A sold painting
  7. My friends that look after me

Seven Artists that I admire...


Jennifer Phillips said...

Steve Walker YOU ARE THE BEST! Thank you for the award and the introduction to many new artist blogs!

... AND I just looked through your website - I think all my excess drool just shorted out my keyboard. I will be saving my pennies to order a print from you soon. Or maybe if I have a good show in May... an original! I am a fan.

Steven S. Walker said...

Hi there Jennifer I'm glad you're enjoying my work. I too have a little bit of drool from your work. Would you be interested in a trade...hmmmm.

r garriott said...

The greens in this landscape are just mouth watering... is that what the light is really like in your part of the world?

Jennifer Phillips said...

Thanks - what a nice complement!

Steven S. Walker said...

Garriot, in my world the light is just too bright for words

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