Feb 13, 2009

Citywide Domination

"The Drexel" - 16" x 20" - oil

Yesterday I made a quick stop by Art Access Gallery to drop off some Columbus cityscapes. Cityscapes? Don't worry I haven't given up painting dilapidated barns and run down tractors. These Columbus scenes were inspired by Columbus City Scene magazine, of which I will be the profiled artist in the March/April issue. It's all part of my diabolical plan to get the word out... "Steven Walker's in town" (followed by an evil laugh). This piece is my second attempt at painting the Drexel Theater. I posted the first attempt back in December.

If you've been following this blog, then you know that cityscapes aren't "my thing." My first attempts at painting city scenes were mediocre at best but that was also five years ago. I'm not saying that I've mastered the art of the cityscape but I feel more comfortable and confident in my overall painting abilities than I did five years ago...or even five days ago for that matter.

1 comment:

Cheryl Anderson said...

I like your barns, but I like this one, too. Looks like the sun is low and we're just in time for the early show!

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