Jan 26, 2009

An All You Can Paint Buffett

"So Low" - 5" x 7" - oil


Well now that I'm back from the Booth Museum and the VMFA, it's back to work for me. That trip gave me a lot to think about as far as the future and the direction that I want to go take my work. It's all very exciting but honestly I think that my mental plate is near full. Wouldn't it make sense for me to take a break...yes. Does this mean that I'm going to take a break...nope. I've still got a few freelance projects to work on and a "big show" in November of this year that will include between 30 to 40 pieces. I'll find the energy...I always do.


Douglas Hoover said...

30 to 40 paintings!!! Holy Moly, Steven! I'm going to be the one having to keep up! Seriously, what you're doing is what it takes to be an artist, to find the energy, the inspiration to keep going. And you're doing it. Great job, man.

Cheryl Anderson said...

Thanks for your comments on my paintings and also the link to my blog. Much appreciated!
Your artwork is beautiful. Kudos on the museum show, and best of luck with those 40 paintings. Sounds like you must be young enough to get them all done with time to spare!
Cheryl Anderson

r garriott said...

Your work is breathtaking, as always! Glad to see you posting again. I figured you were busy! Congratulations on all that good stuff coming your way! You so deserve it, every bit.

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