Nov 16, 2008

Fitting In

"A Rustic Light" - oil - 24" x 30"

This past Friday I attended Art Access Gallery in Bexley, OH for the opening reception of the "Variations in the Landscape" show. I was one of several artists, that the gallery represents, to participate in the show. I've only been involved with this gallery for a few weeks but it seems like a good fit. The show had an incredible turnout. Thank you Gail and Barb for taking an interest in my work and thank you to all that were able to attend.

The painting above is just one of my works that is on display at the gallery. I might be a tad bias but the show is definitely worth checking go...go NOW!


C. L. DeMedeiros said...

Your works
is very good


William Hawkins said...

This painting rocks! Where is this? Any chance I could see a photo and try this in my style? regardless, I love this one steve...good luck with the show

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