Nov 15, 2008

And the Crazy Artist whispered...Rosebud.

"Sledworks" - oil - 8" x 10"

The holiday season is approaching quickly. This time of year is often my busiest and most productive. If I weren't such a Grinch I'd hire some elves to help me out but since they unionized it's been almost impossible to work with them.

Earlier this week I was asked to submit a holiday/winter painting for a business in Richmond, VA to use on their holiday greeting card. Anytime I can get some good exposure without breaking the law I'll take it. Unfortunately I only had a few paintings (as in one) that contained snow so I decided to paint an image specifically for them. It's always nice when someone recommends you (thanks Candace) and even better when they're easy to work with (thanks Jen).

"Rosebud" - Citizen Kane

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