Oct 13, 2008

Who cut the Cheese?

The Cheese - 5" x 7" - oil

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Do you remember "the cheese?" Maybe you had some other nickname for the school bus? I'm not sure why we called it "the cheese". Maybe it was the smell from little boys breaking wind or just the color of the glowing yellow of the bus. Growing up, the ride to and from school was one of the biggest social times of the day (just behind lunch and recess). You could find out if you missed anything on TV the previous night or all sorts of juicy kid gossip. More importantly the school bus is where I got my first taste of taking on art commissions. At any time of the year there was some kind of science project or report that would require a display or drawing. Many times the drawing needed to be done on the ride to school. On a good day I could make enough to take care of lunch for a week. "The cheese"...were I got my start.

Today's Columbus Day but more importantly it's my mother's birthday. Happy Birthday Mom!

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