Sep 28, 2008

Attention Squirrels...You've been Warned!

Spring St. - 5" x 7" - oil


Most artists are inspired by their surroundings but I didn't believe that my "Leave it to Beaver" (or more recent, Desperate Housewives) neighborhood would ever strike inspiration. Now as I drive to the grocery store and walk my "squirrel hungry" dog, the little gems of suburbia shine through. My days have changed drastically since moving to a new neighborhood without the loud neighbors and noisy traffic that I've grown accustom to. There's something special about the quiet scenery of the homes and landscapes as surrounding trees cast their shadows throughout the day. If you'd like bid on this painting just click here.

1 comment:

Alison Fennell Illustration said...

Hi Steven - I am moved by thi spainting - I love big American architecture and especially the Atomic style. Fo rsome reason I feel slightly nostalgic when I look at this painting - thinking back in time to the 70's. I am not from th eUS but from the UK. I did spend 3 months travelling the West in 2005 and spent most of my tim ephotographing US urban subjects and LOVED them. What was your feeling behind this image I wonder - I would lov eto hear it from your side? Regards Alison

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