Jul 4, 2008

McGuire Airforce Base Day 3 (finale)

New Castle 8" x 10" - oil

click here to view the show

And now here's the finale of the McGuire Airforce Base trip. By this time we've been dismissed and gave thanks to TSgt. Sturkol. He was such a big help! Leave it to five illustrators to turn a simple drive back to the hotel into a near death experience. O.K., near death is stretching it. Although we were twenty miles from the entrance of the base, we were still technically on the base. I admit that I wasn't much help this time around while at shotgun.

Getting lost always starts with "well I think we went this way" or "I remember seeing this road." Now we're in trouble. Someone decided to take a right and from there things got weird. I thought that I was in the old Looney Tune cartoons where the backgrounds were on a constant loop. After a while we heard the traffic from the interstate and took this as a good sign. Nope. We kept passing signs that read Sudden Gunfire, Firing Range, and Tanks only. As they got worse we just laughed harder. We were clearly hysterical.

After a brief rest at the hotel we decided to head back to Princeton to splurge on a good meal. The night before we had a free meal so no one felt guilty about a little indulgence. We had a great meal at the Witherspoon Grill. If you're ever in Princeton I would highly recommend it. While the meal was great the conversation was even better. Tatiana, Jim and I talked shop for a few hours. It was utterly awesome (sorry David)! I know I might sound like a little school girl with a crush on "Bobby Neighborboy" but I was sitting across from Jim Bennett talking about art. Calgon take me away.

The night ended with all of us viewing pictures of Tatiana on stage with Tyra Banks on the Tyra Banks show. We said our goodbyes to Bill and Jim as they'd be able to sleep in while the rest of us catch early flights home. The ride back to the airport went problem free. I parted ways with Tatiana and Jim yadda, yadda, yadda and I'm back at home.

What a Trip!

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