Jul 8, 2008

Fifth of July Fireworks

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Natural Bridge 12" x 16" - oil

This past Saturday was the opening for the Fredericksburg show. We arrived at the show early to set up and to make everything just right. The waiting is the worst part but once the doors opened I felt a lot better. For the opening to be on a Saturday (and after a holiday) there was a really big turnout. Dave Tanks, the president of the FCCA, gave me a wonderful introduction (I couldn't have tooted my horn better).

Like I said it was a great turnout. I received a lot of compliments on my work but usually I don't let that kind of stuff go to my head. It was later on in the evening when artists and patrons from other galleries were directing people to come see my work. What an honor!

On top of a wonderful evening, I met quite a few talented artists like
Tracey Clarke and Shari Pastore. Show openings although nerve racking, getting easier as the work improves. It didn't hurt that by the end of the night five pieces were sold.

I'd like to thank everyone that could attend as well as those folks that couldn't but showed their support. It was a huge success!

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