May 22, 2008

Who gets a "B" for Naptime?

"Yonder" - 11" x 14" - oil

Since I'm not in "my studio" I'll refer to myself as being "on location" in semi-sunny oHIo. I'm still working on new pieces, like the one above, for the upcoming Fredericksburg Show. If I look at my inventory of paintings I probably have more than enough work to fill out the space but I'm never quite satisfied. I want to take this time to put out my best and most current work.

It reminds me of the time when I brought home an awesome report card with six A's and one B. Instead of throwing me the same compliment that everyone else had that day and saying "great job", my dad just looked at me and said "next time get all A's." Now this may seem cruel for nursery school (just kidding) but it helped me to raise the standards and expectations that I had of myself.

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