Jun 1, 2008

Our Prices are siLO


Silo - 5" x 7" - oil

The last three days have just been a roller coaster of work. Between preparing for this upcoming show and the sheer excitement of moving it's been great. For those of you interested in the show but can't come for the opening reception I've devised this diabolical plan.

To add to my online presence and to make it more convenient for those interested in my works, I'm adding a gallery to my website (coming soon). The new web gallery will include 20 new paintings that will be in my FCCA show in Fredericksburg, VA. Each painting on the site will have a "buy now" button that will make purchasing very easy. I'm pretty excited at the possibilities of this show but as always . . . I'm keeping my fingers crossed. In the mean time, I'm still whipping out some small paintings for eBay.

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