May 9, 2008

Clyde's Hobnob Shed


"Hanover #3" - 5"x7" - oil

Yesterday was a jam packed day. I started the day off by running a few errands to tie up some loose ends so that I could take a night trip to Washington D.C. for the Illustrators Club 14th Juried Show Exhibition. I truly could do without going to these "hobnob affairs" but I had a few pieces in the show and thought that I should at least show my face. What really swayed me to go to D.C. was knowing that after the show we would go eat at my favorite restaurant, Clyde's. Good eats. I almost forgot to mention that we drove through a ridiculous tornado on the way big deal though. Fortunately I was able to take some time and finish this small painting of a storage shed in Hanover County before we left for the show.

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