May 13, 2008

Blue Dogs, Degrees and Warrenton

This past weekend I received my masters degree from Marywood University. Like most social events, I went kicking and screaming. I believe at one point I was on my hands and knees pleading my case to "the little lady" not to make me go. Obviously I lost that debate as she is also part of my graduating class(same program same degree). The peer pressure (kids stay off drugs) from the rest of my classmates really sealed the deal.

Following the Hooding ceremony on Saturday, my classmate Alison gave everyone "The Blue Dog of Happiness." Gifts like that seriously mean so much to me. The picture above is from my seat at the graduation. We were the first row of graduates so there was no way that I could doze off with the cameras in front of me. The ceremony was very similar to grad school, long and tedious (just give me my paper).

Looking back, it was a busy weekend ...two families, three cars, a tour of Scranton, PA, two graduation ceremonies, eleven crazy classmates (smile), an awesome cookout (thanks Amy) and Mother's Day (hi mom). Good times (scratching my head). I can't believe that it all worked out.

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"Warrenton, VA" - "5" x 7" - oil

Although hectic, everyone seemed to have a good time which is the most important part but I couldn't wait to get back to the studio. Road trips always inspire me and after a total of twelve hours on the road and several hundred photos later, I was ready to throw down some paint. This particular painting stems from the ride back through Warrenton, VA, after making another stop at Art at the Mill.

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William Hawkins said...

Felicidades! we say south o' da border. Great writing ...and a noble accomplishment. Good painting too BTW

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