Mar 20, 2008

BJ, Coffee, and Watching Paint Dry - The Finale

It's over (wait for the applause)! I anxiously woke up this morning ,as if I had gifts waiting under the tree, to see if the painting was dry yet... nope. I don't usually resort to forcing the drying time but this was an exceptional case. "I blow dried the hell out of that thing." There wasn't much I could do with BJ and Jen literally on their way but by the time they arrived most of it was dry.

Whether all of this will pay off...who knows...but it was a rush. At the time I felt young and youthful but all of that wore off around 8:31am (the minute after the painting left). If not for a couple of slices of pizza and a Dr. Pepper, I would not have made it through the remainder of the day.

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