Mar 20, 2008

BJ, Coffee, and Watching Paint Dry - Day 2

Knowing what my day was going to consist of I didn't even make an effort to catch a few extra Z's. all star girlfriend is on top of things once again. A big mug of coffee was waiting for me downstairs and I was going to need the entire mug.

Luckily today I only had one class to teach (1pm to 4pm). I was able to put down a loose drawing and the under painting before I had to get on the road. Class seemed to drag on forever but I got through it with only minor casualties.

Once I got back home it was all business. It was pointed out to me that I was unusually calm for all of the work that was ahead of me. Maybe it was knowing that all that I have to do now is paint. With the exception of taking a dinner break I worked relentlessly from 5pm to 2am. Now all I can do is cross my fingers and hope that the liquin will help the paint dry by the time BJ and Jen stop by in the morning (8:30am).

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