May 3, 2012

A Matter of Opinion

"Alum Creek Trail #2" - 12 x 16" - oil

Earlier this week I made a quick drive to Sidney, OH to judge the Spring Fling show at the Gateway Arts Council.  This opportunity was great because I got to see a good selection of Ohio's best artists and reward artist for their efforts.  It's odd now a days being asked to judge and jury shows because I've always felt like my opinion(s) in both personal and professional matters have often fallen on deaf ears.  Somewhat like the guy that tells everyone about this great idea and they don't listen until someone else comes in and pitches the exact same idea.

While we're on the subject of shows, I'll have my own show at the Gateway Arts Council starting in mid June.  I'll have specific dates and a reception time soon.  The painting above is just one of many that will be included.  I better get back to work because I've got a gallery to fill.

The Gateway Arts Council - Sidney, OH

1 comment:

Patrice said...

Beautiful painting. Your landscapes are luscious.

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