Apr 2, 2012

Flat Steven Goes to Millwood

Day 1 Demo - "Trusting Tree" - 16 x 20" - oil

So ends my painting workshop in Millwood, VA.  What a busy three days but well worth the trip!  It takes a special group of people to willingly put up with me for three straight days.  I would like to thank Snow Fielding and all of the delightful ladies who stuck with me for the workshop.  From the feedback that I got it sounds like I made a significant impact.  For now it's time to get back home but you can catch me back in Millwood, VA on May13th for my Art at the Mill Demo.

Flat Stanley Goes to Millwood

What trip to Virginia would be complete without a few pitstops.  My lovely niece Gabrielle charmed/conned me into her flat stanley project.  I'm sure that my participation and cooperation has secured me a lifetime supply of hugs.  


Cathyann said...

Another beauty, Steven. It is great that you will be going to Millwood's Art at the Mill again.

Matthew said...


You put such great character into your trees - every gnarl and twist tells a story. Well done!

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