Nov 16, 2011

A Peaceful Demonstration

"Presence of Light" - 11 x 14" - oil

It was a Saturday I believe.  The sun was out, runners were running, the band was playing and I was in full demonstration mode.  The painting above was the first of two paintings that I worked on that day.  The crowd in attendance was both welcoming and inquisitive which made the time fly by for me.  Thank you to all that were able to come out with a special thanks to my friend Clinton for the easel and the gang at the Glave Kocen Gallery.

The set up and the demo.


dominique eichi said...

this piece exudes strength, courage, fortitude and above all Love.

Cathyann said...

I enjoyed the demo very much, Steven. Congrats on all the sales. Great show!

BarbaraFiore said...

Love this!

Diana Marshall said...

Breathtakingly beautiful sky, how I would have liked to watch you paint this, have you thought of doing a demo video for those of us around the world?

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