Sep 27, 2011

Showtime in Louisville! part 3

Mother & Child  - 24" x 24" - oil

Here are a few more pieces from the my solo show at the B. Deemer Gallery in Louisville, KY.  Feel free to take a look at all of the new pieces on the B. Deeemer website.

 Say what you will about mothers and their children but they do have their bright moments like the pair in the painting above.  

"Afternoon Treeline" - 30" x 40" - oil

The bright sun, rich greens and overcast clouds helped me to create this piece.

"Grazing #4" - 30" x 40" - oil

I'm pretty sure that this piece started when Evelyn and I were trying to find our way home after our wedding

1 comment:

Peter Brown said...

I haven't visited your blog for a while, but now I've found my way back here I wonder why I haven't been a regular visitor. I really admire the work you've been producing lately; your brushwork is amazing and your compositions are striking. I'll be back!

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