May 15, 2011

A Brighter Path

"Path to Prosperity" - 5 x 7" - oil

A few days ago I hit a brick wall (figuratively speaking).  I started second guessing every painting that I wanted to start.  I hadn't even put a mark on the board before convincing myself how badly it would turn out.  It's easy to talk someone else through a mental block but it's totally different when you're left alone with your own discouraging thoughts.   

I was well into a few hours of berating myself before I was able to tell myself "what do you have to lose?"  Sure, I could lose a few hours of work time and maybe some paint but that's small potatoes  I wasn't in danger of losing my self respect or dignity since I lost those years ago.  Even if it's a bad painting I'm likely to walk away having learned something.  All in all the pros outweighed the cons and the painting above is what came of it.  


M. said...

Beautiful and unusual composition! Certainly worth the wait, and the

Queen*B Studio said...

Nice work Steven :) Love it!

Steven S. Walker said...

Thanks Michol and Dawn! Encouragement is always appreciated.

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