Feb 27, 2011

Tripping Out

"Untitled Triptych" (study) - 6x12" each

When I'm in the painting zone I rarely think about posting images of pieces in progress.  Part of this is because a majority of my paintings as of late are not that large.  The other part is that the painting process just flies by when I'm on a roll.  The painting that is currently on the easel / easels is a little different.

With some pressure / encouragement from Evelyn to paint larger, I decided to try painting a 48" x 72" triptych.  Triptych: a set of three panels side by side, bearing pictures.  Because of this intimidating size I thought that some preparation would be helpful.  The painting above is the study for the larger pieces.

I haven't painted anything this large since I worked on a set of children's themed murals in Virginia.  In theory this venture seemed fun but there were a couple of  logistical issues , such as size and the crappy state of my studio, that posed complications.  So I turned our living room into a temporary studio.

Below are a few photos to show scale and the start.  Stay tuned for more.

Left:  Used C-Clamps to hold the three 24 x 48" canvases together
Right:  Photo of the set up in the living room         

Loose sketch in Radiant Turquoise to get started.


Douglas Hoover said...


Very impressive, man! Thanks for sharing your progress on this one!!

Ok, I'm gonna shuffle back to my once-huge-but-now-seems-small 24x48" canvas now...


GumboBen said...

Yes, the two pieces I did for the Air Force was the biggest I've worked since school days. I was painting them in the garage most of July and August, which is not good months to do anything without an AC, so Tee suggested I use the kitchen breakfast nook as a temporary studio. Working as small as I do normally, 3'x 4'is immense.

You have my sympathy, dude! Don't spill anything on the carpet, man!

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