Jan 20, 2011

Same Difference

"A Silver Lining" - 30" x 40" - oil

Last week I drove to Virginia to drop off the painting above along with some smaller pieces to the Glave Kocen Gallery.  This particular painting was based on a previous painting, titled "Silver Line" (see below), from my 2009 solo show.  Obviously they're not identical but they imply the same sense of space.  More and more often I find myself taking a second stab at older paintings.  I suppose it's my way of convincing myself that I am growing and changing as an artist.  With all of this said, I don't consider one of these paintings to be better than the other... just unique to the time when they were developed.

All of this reminds me of my mother when she would tell my brother that he was her favorite then later on tell me the same thing but never while we were both in the room at the same time.  This was cute because I knew she only meant it when she was talking to me.  

"Silver Line" - 24" x 24" - oil


Linda said...

Cute story! And the clouds are magnificent.

John Vander Stelt said...

Love the backlit clouds. Nicely done!

Sy's Prints said...


xmeesx said...

Amazing paintings!
Looks a bit like Hollands nature in the first painting..

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