Sep 30, 2010

Una Seconda Occhiata (A Second Look)

"Via Del Fori Imperiali (Rome)" - 8" x 10" - oil

Back in 2007 Evelyn and I went on a little vacation to Europe, making stops in Ireland, Scotland and Italy.  After getting back to the states I was gushing with inspiration and created a body of work that stemmed from the trip.

A few days ago I found myself sifting through some of those Europe inspired paintings.  After taking a look at those old pieces I quickly made it a point to paint some of these works again.  That trip deserved better and I was determined to make things right.  So here is one of the "do overs."  The scene above can be viewed across from the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. 


Queen*B Studio said...

Love the composition of this piece!

r garriott said...

Marvelous. It's like I'm just rolling up in the tourist bus... feels like I'm there.

Kerri Settle said...

I love the subtle colors and layering in the trees. Really beautiful work all around.

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