Jun 14, 2010

Something to Talk About

"Classic Rock" - 30" x 40" - oil

Available at Glave Kocen Gallery

Late last week I had conversation with my friend and former classmate, Robert Caldwell. Now let me give you a little bit of history about Robert and I. During those years in undergrad, Robert was at a level that I could only dream about. I wouldn't call it a rivalry because everyone was pushing each other to up their game. Since those torturous days in art school we've both made strides in our own work. Robert is now a rock star in the wildlife art scene while I...well...let's just say that I'm doing alright for myself.

With the level of respect that I have for Robert and his work it was great to hear that he wanted to work with me on a potential two man show. Nothing has been set in stone but the ball is in motion. I'll keep everyone up to date on any new developments. Fortunately, I have some time to get my act together.

In the mean time...the painting above was among a batch of paintings that I delivered to Glave Kocen Gallery earlier this month.


Elizabeth Seaver said...

And won't that be a fabulous show!

You can't get much better than getting to show art with a friend and one so talented. Good times!

Kathleen Krucoff said...

I agree with Elizabeth...that will be a fabulous show. I hope all the details come together.

And I think this is another stunning work you've done here too. Congrats on your success!!!

r garriott said...

You are SO modest. an endearing attribute for one SO accomplished.

GumboBen said...

Really nice, dude. All the water we drink should look this good!

Steven S. Walker said...

Elizabeth: I'm excited, I've never had an opportunity to show with a classmate before.

Kathleen: I too hope that the details come together. There's so much potential in this show.

Garriott: If I lose my modesty I'll be completely unbearable...right now I'm on the brink of intolerable.

Ben: Thanks but I don't know if I'd drink this water. I saw some kid washing his feet off in it.

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