Oct 29, 2009

From Afghanistan with Love, part 2

"At the End of the Day (James)"- 16" x 20" - oil

I've never been in an actual briefing, so I knew that I should pay extra close attention. I tried but I would have been better off learning french from a dog with a lisp. While explaining the rules and procedures of the base they must have used a thousand acronyms (none of which I knew). It didn't help that I was ridiculously congested from the change of weather.

After the briefing we went to get our IBA's (Interceptor Body Armor) and helmets. After adding this twenty pounds of protection we recieved the news that we would not be leaving for Afghanistan just yet. Since we did not expect to stay at Manas we were in need of some sleeping quarters. Before leaving the states we were all told that we would need to bring a sleeping bag with the expectation of sleeping in tents. Senior Master Sgt. Lynch of the public affairs office was right there to help us out. Because we were given the rank of Colonel's our sleeping arrangements were awesome.

There was a meeting at 10pm to discuss flights out to Bagram but that was several hours away. The next several hours were spent between the dining hall, the BX (base exchange) and my bed. - to be continued...

p.s. the above piece is part of the upcoming exhibition

Reminder:"Between Homes" new paintings by Steven Walker
November 06 - December 23, 2009
opening reception, Friday, November 6th 6:00 until 9:00 pm
Glave Kocen Gallery 1620 W. Main St., Richmond, VA


Sheila said...

It's amazing you're still able to post like you're doing. I know you can't post info about exactly what and where you are but after you get back, we'd love to see some of photos of what you're experiencing now. Stay safe!

Tracey Clarke said...

I got your postcard for the opening in the mail today and it looks fantastic!

Craig works for the Marine Corp and he is just now getting a hold on the acronyms...

Look forward to your posts, and proceeding works, from abroad, Steven....

Kathy said...

What an amazing contribution you're making! Thank you. And, best wishes for a successful exhibition. I know it will be.

Jacqueline said...

Great work!! I've added you to my blog "please visit" list. :~)

Douglas Hoover said...

Steven Walker, Artist, International Man of Action! What don't you do?

Just so ya know, I read the artist focus in the American Art Collector on your show at the Glave Kocen Gallery. Very impressive and well deserved. (and a full page ad!) Very nice. Best of luck to you!

Ok, break is over. Gotta get back to painting just to keep up with the accomplished and prolific Steven Walker ;)

Great work, man.

Steven S. Walker said...

Thank you Sheila, Tracey,Kathy, Jacqueline and Douglas! The trip has been a real adventure although I don't think that the trip has really dawned on me just yet.

I really hope that the exhibition is successful. I've put in quite a few hours on this one.

I'll be adding sketches soon.

p.s. Jacqueline, what's your blog address?

Jacqueline Gnott said...

Best of luck, Steven at your upcoming show. All of your pieces have such a nice feeling to them.

Jacqueline Gnott

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